What Is Raceway Golf?



Raceway Golf is a new, unique golf format that preserves the fundamentals of golf, while adding cumulative scoring and the opportunity to choose your opponent. Played over two days, it includes more than 30 six hole matches in 30 hours. If the traditional 18-hole tournament is a marathon, Raceway Golf is a sprint.

Raceway Golf pits 16 golfers against one another as they battle out a series of six-hole matches to crown a winner; competing on the same six holes throughout the tournament. Players will face new challenges
throughout the tournament, as each hole-setup changes after each round, and players must strategize by picking their opponents.

Each golfer has three separate six-hole matches to accumulate points and establish a Day One ranking from 1 to 16. The top eight golfers move onto Championship Day (Day Two) and are arranged into a single elimination bracket format. Holes are played in straight match play format until a champion is declared.

The 16 participating professional LPGA players are ranked from 1 to 16 based on their 2009 Rolex World
Rankings. On Day One, the top-ranked player will select her opponent first, followed by the next highest
ranked player selecting her opponent, until eight matches are created. On Day Two, the top eight players according to their Day One ranks compete in a tournament bracket single elimination.

Players compete in a total of three matches comprised of six holes per match.
•Each hole won is worth one point and each match victory is worth one bonus point for a maximum of seven points per match
     o One half point will be awarded to each player in the case of a tie for each hole
•Players will be re-ranked at the end of each match, and the highest-ranked player will choose their opponent first, followed by the next highest ranked player selecting her opponent, until eight matches are created
•At the end of the day, players will be ranked based on final points, and the top eight will move on to Championship Day
•Hole one will be played in the event of a tie for 8th place.

The top eight golfers compete in a tournament bracket single elimination
•Pairing: #1 plays #8, #2 plays #7, #3 plays #6, #4 plays #5
•Competition is straight match play to decide the winner for each round for a total of three rounds
•The #1 hole will break any ties
•Three match victories crowns the champion