The Mojo 6 $25,000 USD Charitable Donation Develops Kingston Urban Youth Golf Program, Renovates an Elementary School and Starts a Fund for Trelawny Stadium  

Through an innovative program The Mojo In The City program will expose primary students in Jamaica to golf for the first time

Burbank, CA, USA (November 19, 2010) – Hundreds of students across Jamaica will benefit from the charitable contributions of Mojo Marketing & Media ( through The Mojo 6 Tournament ( held earlier this year. 

To widen the scope of interest for the sport of golf in Jamaica and to offer Jamaica’s youth an opportunity which they otherwise would not have had, Mojo is sponsoring the Mojo In The City Golf Project.  In collaboration with the Jamaica Golf Association, the LPGA and The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, Mojo has developed an innovative in-school and at-the-golf-course program that will expose sixty-four children to the game and world of golf throughout the 2010-2011 school year.  The program was designed as part of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture’s initiative to introduce new sports to the island in an effort to extend the countries athletic footprint beyond track & field and football.  By focusing on ‘Inner city schools’ the project will help to uplift the youth in Kingston and cast light on a city that sometimes appears incapable of catching a break.

Mojo In The City Golf Project will in the first year target male and female primary students in Grade 6 (11-12 year olds).  The program will begin as a school P.E. activity and, based on golfing ability and academic performance, will select the top candidates to receive golf instruction on a public golf course.  The program will target schools in the Kingston and St. Andrews areas.

Additionally, and in partnership with Jamaica Public Service Company, Mojo will sponsor substantial renovations to St. Michael’s Basic School in Trelawny.  St. Michael’s is in need of significant repair.  Mojo’s charitable contribution will bring many improvements, including completion of the perimeter wall, replacement of the front door, bathroom renovations and water tank repair.   

Mojo has also started a fund toward bringing a fully functioning lighting system to Trelawny Stadium.  Fully operational lighting will enable the local community to take full advantage of the Trelawny Stadium facilities, spurring commerce and community building. 

Joy Stephenson, co-creator of The Mojo 6 had this to say, “I was born and raised in Jamaica, and I am very excited to be able to not only giveback, but also to share a sport that I am truly passionate about.  Golf is not only a great sport, but is also something that teaches very important life lessons and will be very beneficial to the youth”.  To keep everyone up to speed on the progress of the Mojo in the City program, Mojo will periodically post updates featuring photos and stories about the children involved on

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