As with all Mojo Marketing & Media properties, The Mojo 6 in Jamaica, and all future The Mojo 6 tournaments, will include activities designed to increase awareness about the importance of charitable giving. Since no two markets are identical, this element of each The Mojo 6 tournament will reflect the unique character, needs and opportunities for charity involvement of its host market.

The Mojo6 has partnered with The Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture of Jamaica to create a sporting event that not only entertains,but also inspires and motivates the youth. The event has been declared an “educational and inspirational” experience and hundreds of children will be exposed to the sport for the first time at this major sporting event that will be viewed globally.

In addition, a couple LPGA players will speak at the event and share their personal success stories as a testament that dreams do come true. All children 16 and under will be allowed to attend free of charge and ALL gate ticket sales will be donated to benefit the Jamaican educational system.

More detailed information about our charitable commitment and partners will be forthcoming as the tournament draws near.  Stay tuned . . .